Use of Positive Words in Kalyanamalai Program Creates Positive Faith

Like everyone else, I also believe in the effect of positive words in creating positive energy. If you want to get the real benefit of your optimistic words, then your words must originate from your heart, and it is not suffice if they come out of your mouth. When you use confidence-building words with a genial smile, you can see a visual impact the words make on the face of the person listening to such words and in your heart.

Most of you who have seen the SUN TV Kalyanamalai program on Sundays, might have heard me saying ‘just as you thought, just as you ask you will get a best varan of your liking (Neenga ninaikira mathiriye, neenga ketkiramathiriye oru nalla varan amaiyum). The positive words have infused confidence among the participants and I could see them getting it. However, I was always skeptical whether the repeating of such words in every program will cause monotony among the viewers and make us a laughing-stock.

On one of the Sundays after watching the Kalyanamalai program in the morning, I went to Kabaleeswarar Temple in the evening. I was praying for an answer about my use of words. When I was nearing the Murugan Sannidhi, suddenly I saw an old man before me. He has identified me as Kalyanamalai Mohan and enquired about my well-being. Without waiting for my reply, he blessed me and said ‘Never ever thinking of changing those positive inspiring words you use in Kalyanamalai program, because the words, you use in the program charge every viewer with more positive energy and benefits them’. Without even waiting for my reply he moved away from the place. I still remember his eyes, which reflected his feeling of gratitude. I could only conclude that the program would have benefited someone close to him.

The answer I received for the troubling quest relieved me and made my mind crystal clear.  When I looked at the Singara Velan in the Sannidhi, I saw him smiling at me. Until today, I continue to use the same words in the program and I could visibly see the result of it. Now Kalyanamalai has completed 1,60,000 marriages and still going strong.

I remembered the following verses of Bhagwat Gita which best describes the virtues of faith.

tad-buddhayas tad-atmanas
tan-nisthas tat-parayanah
gacchanty apunar-avrttim
jnana-nirdhuta-kalmasah” (Bhagwat Gita: Chapter Five verse 17)

“Sri Krishna said to Arjuna: When one’s Intelligence, Mind, Faith and refuge are all fixed in the God, then one becomes fully cleansed of misgivings through complete knowledge and thus proceeds straight on the path of liberation.”


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