How Kalyanamalai Started

Tamil Diaspora where ever they live will immediately recognise me as Kalyanamalai Mohan, and it brings me happiness. The SUN TV Kalyanamalai program has enabled marriage smiles to thousands of families. I still remember the mentioning of one of the well-wishers that said ‘the program is aptly named as Kalyanamalai because it fulfils the marriage aspirations of many and finally get them Kalyanamalai’. It is a true statement, and in fact; we have chosen the name only with that idea. The program is the brainchild of my brother’s wife Ms.Meera Nagarajan, who is also the Director and CEO of KM Matrimony.

I still remember the day on which we stumbled upon the idea of the program. All of us in our family (we all the three brothers live in a joint family with parents) went out for a family function and returned home in the evening. To spend our time we discussed many things, including that of attempting a new business other than the marriage contract catering which we do even today.

We were very much for starting a new TV program exclusively for women. We want that program to have everything that is close to the heart of women at home. We discussed various topics such as cookery, tailoring, matrimony and others. During the course of the discussion, Meera Nagarajan came out with an idea of starting a TV program solely for introducing prospective brides and grooms on TV. Every one of us liked the novel idea that was not tried by anyone before. We continued our discussion for several days in the same line before sorting out all the related points and giving a clear shape to the idea using more suggestions from Meera Nagarajan.

SUN TV televised the first Kalyanamalai Program in the year 2001.The program initially started as a subjective discussion among a few participating couples and moderated by an eminent personality. Though the first-of-its kind program on TV medium was well received, we were not fully satisfied with it and we want to make it more interesting.

Again, it was Meera Nagarajan, who has suggested about introducing subjective debates related to marriages and on day-to-day topics that have a bearing on everyone’s life in the program. It was her suggestion to blend such debates with that of the introducing probable brides and grooms on TV. We initially have requested ‘Director Visu’ to host the program. However, he encouraged me to host the program myself, thus I became the sheet anchor to introduce potential and brides and grooms. Meera Nagarajan took charge of the other production arrangements.

For the first-time Kalyanamalai arranged subjective debates (Patti Mandram) to coincide with the Kalyanamalai shooting days. Some of the best public speakers such as Professor Solomon Pappiah, Raja, Prof. K. Gnanasambhandan, Thenkachi Swaminathan, Dindigul Leoni and others have chaired the debates in which public participated in large numbers.The debates have identified and introduced a number of new speakers who were waiting to showcase their talent. Most of them have made it big and become full-fledged speakers today.

Until today, the interesting and valuable topics of discussion related to marriage, family and social setup are given by Meera Nagarajan. She also edits and mixes the debates with the bride or groom introduction and completes it with an apt voiceover.


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