Hello world!

I am V.Venkatesan, born in Tanjore District, Tamil Nadu. I am better known to you all as KalyanaMalai Mohan, the identity I have gained among the public through Kalyanamalai SUN TV programme. I moved along with my family to all the well-known towns such as Nannilam, Nagapattinam, Vazhutur in Tanjore district and finally settled in Tiruvarur. I forever love Tanjore, where every function, including the marriage is celebrated with a kind of native flavour.

I was invariably attracted and continue to get attracted to anything related to marriage. Probably, it is due to my participation and contribution in a number of marriages that took place in our joint family, relative’s family or the marriages in our village. This involvement towards marriages has prompted me to venture a marriage contract project along with the other members of my family.

During the course of offering marriage contract services, we have met a good number of parents who shared about the problems involved in fixing a marriage successfully. It was Ms.Meera Nagarajan, my brother’s wife and the Director and CEO of KM Matrimony who used a small spark during one such interaction to develop the novel theme of taking the matrimonial services through the visual medium TV.

Currently, the Kallyanamalai SUN TV program anchored by me with matrimonial introduction of prospective brides and grooms is further refined with a mix of subjective debates on issues that disturb the society in general. This popular program is presently viewed by millions of people all over the world.

I have plans to use this blog, a powerful internet medium, to share my experience and exposure related to marriage and marriage arrangements. I intend to share my views on assorted subjects in this place. Please bookmark this page and visit over here regularly


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